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With our vast experience in manufacturing, storing and shipments, we have the knowledge and network to handle Distribution of chemical products.

Customer’s smile is our best returns. We strongly believe in this. Our special features are:

  1. To provide world class service for value added products to wider range of customers in the oil and gas industry.

  2. Established customer relationships with independent, international and multinational oil and gas companies, National Oil companies and other organization utilize our products and services.

  3. Distribution expertise and facilities to move handle and store products efficiently Worldwide.

Can – Do.

We are first and foremost service company with the Slogan “Customer First”, and predictable for our ability to get any job done, no matter how challenging or unusual it is.

Team Effort.

Sri Chemicals, approach its customer as a Team for best services. We always approach our customers by stockpile our strongest logical components to ensure that every detail our customer needs are being addressed in all areas. Each member displays his/her commitment to team goals and work with fellow members whole heartedly, thus fostering an environment that breeds success.


We focus on applying the best available technology to our customer’s projects. We offer not only the best products but the best application techniques. We employ our years of experience to match the solutions to old or new problems. We give our undivided attention to every detail and add value to our customers in all we do.


Throughout the company, we can all count upon having free access with no barriers to every single individual. This freedom will enable us to operate faster with more efficiency and quicker response time than our competition. And it will get our customers timely answers to the most difficult questions.


We will tolerate our co–worker’s well–intentioned mistakes, and work hard to minimize those mistakes in our day–to–day endeavors. We will view our risks as shared. We will minimize our risks through team counsel.


In all of our dealings with customers and teammates, we will act with complete integrity and honesty.

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Ph.No    : +91-44-42127722, 64995152
Telefax  : +91-44-64995152


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